Saturday, May 15, 2010

. . A Couple More Views. ..

"Agave Dusk"
36 x 36
Oil on Canvas
(c)2010 NL Matus
(Commissioned piece)

Here's a shot of the painting on my easel in the studio. I have several easels set up and paintings on each, and I can move from one to another as I am called to. This makes for a good working arrangement for me, and I like being able to let a painting 'breathe' for a while before I resume work on it. This lets me approach it with fresh eyes and resumed enthusiasm.

Finished Commission Piece

"Agave Dusk"
Alkyd Oil
36" x 36"

This is a commissioned piece I finished last week. I have been exploring the Agave in several mediums, and painted this in a rather large format, 36 x 36 on stretched canvas. This painting takes on different colors as the light of the day changes, so it is quite interesting to see how it 'morphs' as the daylight evolves.

"The Portrait Project" at The Arthouse

Art lovers mingling at The Arthouse's show "The Portrait Project" in New York.

My self-portrait is in the very lower right corner, to the right of the red heart. . .

Another view of Arizona. . .

"Angler's Paradise - Lee's Ferry"
Acrylic on Canvas
6" x 12"
(c)2010 NL Matus

I finished this piece the day before yesterday. You see it here on my small easel setup, which is a stack of my various field boxes set upon my Yarka french easel as the 'table'. This arrangement works out very well when I am working on small paintings.

I loved how the sunlight/shade of the canyon seemed to draw one's eye down the river, and I really enjoyed painting this scene. I now need to get it re-photographed, or possibly scanned.