Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oil on Canvas
5" x 5"
(c) 2009 Nancy L. Matus

I felt like playing.

I had been going thru some old boxes, and uncovered my stash of dolls from my younger days. Barbie, Tressy (with the hair that grows out of a port in her head!), Tammy, etc, etc., and all their clothes and endless little bits and pieces of "accessories". Also in this box were my troll dolls, which I loved. I had all these outfits I made for them from bits of felt and various trims. Anyway, this one was just begging to be painted, and so I had fun with this project. It is painted on a 5" x 5" piece of flat canvas, so it can be stretched on bars, mounted on board or even put under mat and framed.

A trip today to the art supply store for more paint and some fixative. I always feel so much better after that. Being able to just immerse in 'my world' and relax while I try out new things and let my imagination run.